It Could Be Me

I’m not saying that I’m not the new Ultimate Spider-Man, but I also refuse to say that I shouldn’t be.

Whoever picks up the Spidey mask this week, I have no doubt it’ll be an interesting read. Killing Peter Parker was a brave move, and the next generation will have to be bolder still.

Todays USA Today spoiled page was done by Justin “Moritat” Norman:

Justin “Moritat” Norman is a Seattle-based comic book artist and illustrator. Early in his career, Justin chose the moniker “Moritat” to represent himself and his art.  A “moritat” (from “mori” meaning “deadly” and “tat” meaning “deed”) is a medieval version of the murder ballad performed by strolling minstrels. His most recent work can be seen in the pages of DC’s The Spirit and Image’s Elephantmen. Moritat is also handling art duties on All-Star Western, one of the 52 titles that make up the “DC New 52” this fall.

Enjoy the start of August, folks, and we’ll see you on Wednesday.



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