Also, The Line Starts At 4AM

Hey all, Sohmer is… well, he’s in the bathroom. So, with that unfortunate nugget of truth it’s Moss here to bring you today’s page.

I mention truth because today’s page is just that. We have addressed a lot of things in the past 167 pages of Gutters, but none of them have been more true than today’s story.

Seriously, almost this exact thing happened to me when I tried to buy a Professor Zoom action figure.

However, in spite of all that, it was a true pleasure to have attended San Diego Comicon last week. For me it was the first time, and the sheer size of the convention and the way that the city really embraces the events and craziness really moved me.

The great reception and support for the Gutters was also very moving, and on behalf of Sohmer, Rich, Ed, Rus, Lar and all of our artists, let me just say thanks. Thanks for coming to say “hi,” thanks for checking out the Gutters book, and above all else thanks to every last one of you out there for reading. I’ve said it before, this is a labour of love, and it’s all worth it to see that others are digging it as much as we are.

And that’s the truth.

Today’s painfuly accurate page was brought to you by Augie Pagan:

Hailing from the California Bay Area, Augie Pagan moved to Seattle to attend art school. Fate had another plan however, and Augie soon found himself working in the world of video games. After 15 years of creating art for various video game companies, Augie decided to test the shark filled waters of a freelance artist. Since then, Augie has been self employed as a freelancer, and has been slowly making his way into the alternative art scene by pursing gallery work. His art has been displayed in Seattle art shows, as well as LA, SF, and NY. Augie also hates the term “alternative art” and can’t stand writing about himself in the third person.

Take care and see you here Friday!


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