Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Du– Is that A Shield?

Welcome to the busiest few days in the comic book world, I’m Moss, and I’ll be your guide through the magic time that is the lead up to: San Diego Comicon!

(It sounds much more impressive in my head, with all kinds of reverb and echo and whatnot)

Sohmer has his nose to the grindstone getting ready for SDCC, so he asked me to jot down a few notes on today’s page that marks a passing that was not only sudden, but also over shadowed by what we all really wanted to see: Steve Rogers back in the red, white and blue.

As much as I was enjoying the Adventures of Steve, and the excellent work Brubaker & Co were doing with Bucky-Cap, there was a little squeal of joy when Steve Rogers picked up the shield again in Matt Fraction’s Fear Itself.

Of course, he could have waited, like, 5 minutes for Bucky’s body to get cold, but when there’s a world to save there’s no time for such things!


Today’s somber affair was brought to us by Aaron Kuder:

Aaron Kuder has worked as a freelance artist for over ten years. Outside of a handful of classes, he is almost entirely self-taught. Aaron has moved around a lot over the years, which he believes has only benefited his art. Pen and paper always seem to be easy enough to pack, and his mother’s only rule growing up was: no tracing! These days Aaron lives in Fayetteville, AR, where he has worked on such titles as BOOM studios Amory Wars series.

See You Friday!


PS – I still really like Rush.

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