He Could Totally Find My Keys

Hey all! Moss here, coming to you in between the post-Connecticon wind-down and the San Diego ramp-up!

A lot of the pages you see on Gutters start out simply as silly conversations that we have around the ol’ water cooler (or in our case, Red Bull fridge). With today’s page, after applying a little logistical common sense to the situation, it became readily apparent who the real star of Frank Miller’s Holy Terror should have been.

But remember: It’s still totally not Batman.

Today’s revealing page was done by the wonderful man they call Hawk:

Hawk, more formally known as Mohammad F. Haque (read: it’s on his business card), leads a double life: innovative artist/illustrator by day, lightning-fingered techie by night. He currently juggles several projects and job titles, including concept designer/illustrator for Quantum Mechanix based in Los Angeles, graphic artist/developer for Protein Media Inc. based in Washington DC and co-creator/artist of the webcomic “Applegeeks”. At Quantum Mechanix, he plays with dolls…err, designs officially licensed maquettes for Serenity/”Firefly”, “Dr. Who” and Star Trek. When Hawk isn’t designing or drawing, he captures the world through the lens of his Nikon D90 or experiments with new techniques and art forms in his batcave (read: basement). He hails from the Maryland/DC area and scored a degree in Graphic Design and Art from the University of Maryland.

See you here Wednesday, folks! With Captain America, Ultimate Fallout and X-Men: Schism on the shelves, it’s gonna be a big week!


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