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Hey all, Moss here!

As manager of The 4th Wall and the resident retailer around these parts I just want to say one thing:

When I first heard about the Retailer Roadshow, I expected clowns, bearded ladies and at least one elephant.

I was later told that the show that Dan Didio and crew were bringing around to retailers in the US had less to do with a circus, and more to do with the “New DCU 52” (jeez, that’s poetic). I supposed the argument could be made that they are one and the same, but to be honest I think that DC is doing everything they can to be clear about how their relaunch is going to affect things in September, and reaching out to the retailers is never a bad thing.

The Relaunch itself is going to be very interesting. I’m taking the stance that seems to be in the minority of waiting to read the books before I pass judgement. It’s an ambitious move, and as a retailer a very exciting one. We’ve never seen something of this scale before, and it’s a great chance to get some new eyeballs on the comics and characters we love so much.

Still, I really would have liked an elephant.

Today’s page was done by John Wigger, who I totally like as a friend:

John Wigger–yes, that’s his actual last name–lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri. John started drawing superheroes after seeing a commercial for Levis jeans starring Rob Liefield. He attended Missouri State University in Springfield where he graduated with degrees in drawing and computer animation. He also received third place in a first grade coloring contest (and still has the trophy). You can see more of his work on the webcomic Zombie Roomie.

Finally, Sohmer, Lar and myself are in the bustling burg of Hartford this weekend attending Conneticon. We’ll have some pretty sexyGutters books, lanyards and more for sale and signage, and if you’re in the area of booth #800 we’d love it if you’d stop by and say hello!

Have a good weekend, and we’ll see you back here Monday!


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