The Dark Knight Returns. As Someone Else

On behalf of the gang here, Ed, Rich, Rus, Moss, Lar and myself, huge thanks and appreciation for the Gutters nominations for the Harvey Awards.

It is a huge honor and we are among incredibly talented folks in every category. Congratulations to everyone involved.

I did want to mention one other thing regarding the Harveys before I got into today’s non-Batman page.

Ed, our incredibly talented colorist, was nominated in two categories. One of course, being for a Colorist and the other in the Best Artist category. Ed says it better than I could here, but the gist of it was that he didn’t feel comfortable with being in that category and is requesting his nomination be removed.

As if that didn’t have me bursting with enough pride, I also learned that Lar requested his name be replaced with Rich’s (our editor). Turns out, Lar felt that Rich was far more deserving than he.

My boys aren’t only some of the most talented people I know, they also happen to be stand up men.

Maybe I’m embarrassing them slightly, but that’s okay. I can live with that.

Moving on…

Like everyone else in comics, I follow the projects of Frank Miller quite closely, always curious what he’s up to next. Though we’d been hearing of late that his follow-up to 300 was coming out soon, we recently learned that his Holy Terror, a graphic novel, was hitting bookshelves this September.

As the legend goes, the Holy Terror story was originally intended to be a Batman story but was tweaked to star a new hero, ‘Fixer’. The basic premise took Batman, or The Fixer, and set them up against Al Qaida. Miller’s plan was to release it on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

In addition to being intrigued by the book, I’m especially excited to see how many similarities there are to the Dark Knight, and how different (if at all) the story would have been starring him.

Todays Un-Batman-Esque page was done by Joao Vieira:

João Vieira has worked as a Video Editor and Freelance illustrator serving advertising agencies and producers of television commercials.  João is also a Professor of Design at Quanta Academy of Art in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  He is also the proud author of the magazine “Goodbye, Tia Chica!” and is currently working for a 2D animation studio on production of the motion film “The Adventures of Red Airplane.”

Halfway through the week, folks, we’ll see you on Friday.


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