This Will Not, Can Not Stand

Nobody loves a good protest as much as I do, honest to jebas. But these guys planning to protest DC’s reboot at this month’s San Diego Comic-Con?

As a comedy writer, I suppose I ought to thank them. As a human being…really? This is what we’re doing now?

Today’s protest-friendly page was done by Will Sliney:

Will Sliney is an Irish born comic book artist who lives somewhere between New York and Cork depending on the seasons. He spent a few years working in the European comic industry before being featured at the 2007 Birmingham International Comics show as their “Artist to watch out for.” Since then he has shifted across the seas to work on the long running Farscape for Boom studios. More recently he has been designing new characters and illustrating comics for Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as dabbling in writing.

Enjoy the day off if you’ve got it, folks, we’ll see you on Wednesday.


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