Deadly Re-Regenisis’s’s

With the amount of re-numberings/bootings/startings/launchings going on in comics these days, it’d be easy to overlook something like the “cancellation” of Uncanny X-Men.

However, with the almost immediate announcement of a new Uncanny X-Men series to take its place, it was virtually impossible.

Personally, I think X-Moustaches would be the greatest character makeover since Red Hulk. But sadly, I’m sure Marvel has other plans, which they will tell us about in their thrice-daily “press” releases in the coming months.

In the meantime though today’s page has been brought to you by the efficient and (allegedly) clean-shaven Billy Fowler:

Acquiring a passion for comic related art when he was a kid watching cartoons like Super Friends, Thundercats, and He-Man in the early 80’s, Billy Fowler has been drawing and painting comic characters ever since.  A native of Durham, North Carolina, he is an artist with a longstanding ardor for comics and comic art illustration.  He went onto earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking in December 2005 and now dedicates his time to creating drawings, paintings, and digital art.

Also, before I depart, a heartfelt reminder that Sohmer, Lar and Ed, along with Rich and Stone, will be at the Calgary Entertainment Expo this weekend. You can find them at Booth #1019

See you Monday (Presuming I beat these new Angry Birds levels that is).


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