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As DC rolls out its plan for September, I can’t help wishing we did 5 pages a week instead of 3. Too much golden material, too few updates.

The news of Batgirl’s relaunch didn’t come as too much a surprise, as people have been hoping for Barbara’s return to fighting form for years. It’s not the switch from Oracle to Batgirl that people will be talking about, however, it’s that after 23-odd years, Barbara Gordon is getting out of the chair the Joker put her in.

I have a feeling we may be hearing about that in the mainstream press, but I might be wrong. It’s happened before (once or twice).

Todays page was done by Ron Chan:

Ron Chan was born and raised in Portland, OR and works as a freelance Comics Artist, Storyboarder, and Illustrator. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005, and is now a member of the Portland-based art collective, Periscope Studio. Some of his projects include drawing comics for Dark Horse, Marvel, Virgin, and Viper Comics, illustrating user experience scenarios for product design with Microsoft, and storyboarding 3D animation for video games at Pendulum Studios.

We’ll see you back here on Friday, folks, enjoy new comic book day.


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