Dead, but Not “Dead”

The Ultimate universe played a very large part in getting me back into comics, and chief among those titles was Ultimate Spider-Man. Throughout it’s 160-issue run, it has remained one of the most consistently enjoyable superhero comics.

With the current ‘Death of Spider-Man’ arc almost wrapped up, I’m left to wonder, will this really be the end of Peter Parker? Or will it be the end of Peter Parker as Spider-Man?

Is the event title really as clearly defined and destined to end as we believe?

Me, I’m not convinced.

Todays not-so-dead page was done by Danilo Beyruth:

Danilo Beyruth is a professional illustrator and comic book creator from the depths of the jungles of Brazil. His self published comic book Deathnaut had one story published in the Eisner winning Popgun 3 from Image comics and is about to release its second TP. His graphic novel Bando de Dois (Band of Two), about the two last survivors of a decimated outlaws gang in the badlands of Brazil in the beginning of the century, has been largely acclaimed as the one of the best releases of 2010 in Brazil.

Anyone else disturbed by just how quickly the weeks are passing by these days?

We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks.


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