A Clean Slate

I have a lot of questions regarding DC’s September re-launch of their universe.

How much is actually going to be re-launched? Is Batman Inc still around? Is Superman still married to Lois? Will the re-emergence of Swamp Thing and John Constantine be that brief?

Is Flashpoint setting the new status quo? Why do the new Justice League heroes all have collars on their costumes? Does Grant Morrison still have a job? Was this whole thing caused by the success of JMS’ Earth One?

As of now, none of us know.

So, with 52 new series launching in September, I’m going to adapt a wait-and-see approach.

Will this be the largest blunder in comics history or will it be the game changer everyone is always after?

What I do know, is that change is inevitable and doesn’t need to be feared. For the rest, I’ll wait and see.

Todays re-launched page was done by Scott Cohn:

Standing at 5’11”, 190 lbs, with a 74″ reach, Scott Cohn draws out of NYC. He’s currently the artist on Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein for Dynamite. He’s also worked on such titles as Army of Darkness, JLU, TMNT, Ben10, and Krypto. His illustration clients range from, but aren’t limited to- Sony, GM, Time Inc., Simon & Schuster, Gillette, HBO, Fortune, and MTV. Scott graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He’s learned to wear many different hats, and adapt styles. He has knockout power in his right hand, but he finishes most of his opponents with the FTP drop. In his spare time, he likes to wrestle animals to the ground, and his favorite color is blue.

Before I head off into the sunset you folks call ‘the weekend’, I leave you with this question:

Would Superman’s urine burn up in the atmosphere upon entry or form some type of solid pee-missile?

We’ll see you on Monday.


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