Some Disassembly Required

The news of Tokyopop’s demise did not come as a surprise to anyone keeping an eye on market trends. What did catch us all off guard, however, was seeing two Tokyopop signs (from their HQ) up for sale on Craiglist to anyone willing to come and dismantle them.

Love Manga or hate it, it’s hard to watch any company go through its death throes so publicly.

Today’s for-sale-on-craiglist page was done by Domo Stanton:

Dominike Stanton (though his friends usually go by “Domo” for short) is a full time artist by day interested in drawing comics, storyboarding, concept art and doing illustrations for a living. At night he likes to play the drums in spite of the fact he doesn’t have a set at the moment… Domo’s most recent work can be found in the “Deadpool Family” One-Shot from Marvel, in stores now.

And yes, Friday’s comic will be in response to the big DC news. We’ll see you then, folks.


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