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While I am absolutely loving what BOOM is doing with Darkwing Duck, I’m forced to wonder at the wisdom of publishing more Disney-owned properties within the current landscape.

That landscape being one where Disney owns a little comic publisher of their own, called ‘Marvel’ or some such.

Why the, go to all the effort of launching new titles such as Duck Tales when BOOM’s grip on the license is tenuous at best?

Still, I’ll be picking them up for as long as I can before they go the way of the Pixar titles.

Todays no cotton tales page was done by Karine Charlebois:

Karine Charlebois has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. When she learned that cartoons weren’t exactly made by elves in Japan and California, she found her way into the Montreal animation industry. She’s worked mostly in storyboarding for both TV and video games, and at some point decided to try her hand at comics, first landing a few gigs with an educational publishing house and producing a graphic novel for them. A well known artist in the Gargoyles fandom, she got the opportunity to draw both for the main series and the Gargoyles: Bad Guys spinoff, published by SLG. She currently juggles working from home on a comic series for Mega Brands, raising two young boys with her husband, and trying to make her obese, geriatric cat lose some weight.

Get a good start to your week, folks, we’ll see you back here on Wednesday.


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