Smells like a Gimmick

I’m sure that the meeting where one Avatar press intern suggested the idea of doing a 3D book was met with cheers and fist pumping. And yet, Crossed 3D comes across to me as something you’d find in comic book shops during biblical times (ie, the 90s).

Neat in theory, but a gimmick in practice.

But Scratch n’ Sniff book? That’s plain ol’ classy.

Today’s delicious smelling page was done by Rick Ross:

Rick Ross is a comic book artist, illustrator, storyboard artist and all-around bon vivant. He’s best known in the comics world as the penciler of Image/Shadowline’s “Urban Monsters”, but he also publishes a weekly online comics anthology, Agitainment Comics, to which he is also the main contributor. Look for his soon-to-be released graphic novel, “Dropshadow”

Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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