Every day in the world of comics it seems as if we’re faced with another ‘reboot’. While some of them have been successful, I still find the concept to be nothing more than an ‘easy way out’. Write yourself into a corner? No worries, we’ll reboot the series.

I was forced to wonder what would happen should that theory be applied to every day life?

Michael Gaydos should be no stranger to any comic book fan, but I’ll supply the bio anyways:

Illustrator, painter and printmaker, Michael Gaydos’ list of credits include illustrations, graphic novels and sequential artwork for Marvel, DC, Virgin, Dark Horse, Fox Atomic, Image, Tundra, NBM, Caliber and White Wolf among others. He has received two Eisner Award Nominations for his work on ALIAS with Brian Michael Bendis for Marvel.

We’ll see you on Friday.


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