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In a very short amount of time, I’ve become a huge fan of Nick Spencer’s writing. I find his dialogue to be fast paced and modern while his stories and characters are enthralling.

It didn’t surprise me one bit when Marvel announced his exclusivity contract.

What did catch me off guard, however, was the amount of titles and mini-series Spencer was given. I can’t remember a week without a Spencer-related announcement from Marvel.

And I don’t necessarily find that a bad thing.

Today’s Spencerific page was penciled and inked by Marley Zarcone:

Marley Zarcone is a comic artist residing in the glorious Vancouver. Marley’s work can be seen in Vertigo’s Madame Xanadu and House of Mystery, as well as Forgetless with Nick Spencer at Image. Currently, Marley is juggling many projects including working on her own snazzy supernatural comic, Black Circle.

Also, as Ed is taking a few much needed days of vacation, we have a guest colorist on today’s page, Mr Shane Hillman:

Shane Hillman is an illustrator whose been raised by 80’s films and retro video games. He has worked with famous publishers such as Harper Collins and Little, Brown, as well as bands such as The Flaming Lips and Kings of Leon. Shane always strives to try out new mediums and techniques for outletting creative energy. This collection of monsters is his way of reaching back into his adolescences and having fun just creating the absurd.

You know what, let’s all agree to meet back here on Friday. Deal?



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