Too Big To Fail

I’ve been reading Morrisson’s Batman Inc since its inception, and for the most part, I’ve been enjoying it as an introduction to the world’s Batmans. Batmen. Batpeople?

I began to wonder though, what would happen should a real world financial catastrophe strike Bruce Wayne and Wayne industries? What if it turned out that Thomas Wayne had been an old golfing body of Bernie Madoff?

And what if Batman Inc found itself in a similar position as the auto industry in America did a couple years ago?

Today’s Too Big To Fail page was done by Jerry Gaylord:

Jerry Gaylord has been working in the comics biz since 2002. He has had the good fortune to work on many Marvel and Star Wars licensed projects as well as comics with friends and industry pros. Currently, Jerry is working as a full time artist and loving every second of it.

Good luck with the week, folks, we’ll see you on Wednesday.


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