Was that an Acura?

First, a disclaimer: I enjoyed the hell out of Thor. The story was engaging, the characters were exceptionally well cast and the mix of comedy and action struck the right balance.

That said, not since the last Michael Bay film have I been subjected to that much product placement in the span of a single movie. I guess what I’m really saying here is, buy an Acura.

Today’s BUY AN ACURA page was done by Jomar Bulda:

Jomar Bulda, a native of the Phillipines, fell in love with KOMIKS at a young age, collecting local titles such as Kick Fighter and idolizing talents like Lui Antonio, Roy Allan Martinez and the rest of the artists who would soon be collectively known as EXODUS. Jomar soon made it to the local komiks scene through now-defunct Atlas Publications. Now a resident artist of Sketchpad Studios, he is currently busy doing full-length projects, which started with the comic SAVAGE COUNTY (a thriller that will soon be released as a movie from MTV). He is now taking care of the penciling chores for the upcoming epic NEW-GEN: NEW DAWN, inked by his fiancee, Analiza Chris Agot. He is also very happy that he now gets to occasionally mingle with his idols.

Have a great weekend, folks, we’ll catch you on Monday.


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