Action Comics #900 came out last week, and despite the solid storytelling involved throughout the 96 pages, the only thing I’ve seen people talking about is the fact that Superman relinquished his American citizenship…

In a back-up story…

That may or may not have any baring on mainline continuity…

I wonder at what point I should remind the masses that Superman is actually half Canadian?

Today’s Mexican-loving page was done by Stuart Sayger:

Known for his moody and expressive style, Stuart Sayger often uses many mediums when creating his art. Along with inks, gouache, chalk and oil pastels are standard for him when creating comic book pages. He recently drew IDW’s Machete and DeathShip comics and is best known for his two year run drawing Bionicle for DC comics / Lego toys.  Sayger is the creator of SHIVER IN THE DARK, producing the comic independently from start to finish.

Call me crazy, but I have a good feeling about this week. We’ll see you on Wednesday, folks.


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