Two Ply?

How could I resist the idea of this crossover? This wonderful cover was done by Joe Cooper:

Joe was born Detroit, MI. He is one of those people who’s drawn for as long as he could hold a pencil. As a result, he suffers from a grotesque callous on his right middle finger. The saddest of the 3 remaining fingers on his gnarled drawing paw. Joe cut his chops in the early 90’s working under the steady guidance of native Detroiter and comic pro, Arvell Jones. Shortly thereafter, he met Gary Carlson, publisher of Big Bang Comics. Joe penciled stories for 4 different issues of the retro comic mag in the early Image days. His first published work. Always striving to learn and grow as an artist, Joe moved to New York City, to attend the prestigious School of Visual Arts and pursue his dreams of becoming a professional illustrator. While in college, Joe got his first taste of working for the “Big 2” when he penciled the now infamous Baby’s First Deadpool Book for Marvel Comics in his junior year. Joe continued to draw comics and take other illustration jobs and received a BFA with honors in 2000. Some past clients include, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Simon & Schuster, Myrmidon Press, Bally Gaming, DMA Animation, Outlines Inc., The Geppetto Group, McCann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, The Madison Group, Powell Skateboards and MC Extra Cheese. Joe currently works and lives in Santa Barbara, CA.

See you on Wednesday.


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