Our production process on each page isn’t ridiculously complicated, but it is a process nonetheless.

After I write the script, it gets sent out to Rich, Moss, Lar, Ed and Rus. Rich’s job is then to assign the page based on what we’re looking for. Every now and then, however, Lar will interrupt that process by sticking up his hand and yelling “ME!!! ME!!! ME!!! I DO!!”.

And then the page goes to Lar.

A professional illustrator for over 20 years, Lar is the cartoonist for the 2008 Shuster Award winning online comics, “Least I Could Do”, which is updated daily at, and “Looking For Group”, which is updated Mondays and Thursdays at

Lar has also been the recipient of the Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement in Canadian Science Fiction (2008, 2006) and numerous other awards for caricature and cartooning.

Lar works from his home in Acton Ontario.  He continues to receive commissions for digital and paper illustrations, caricatures and cartoons.  Lar has a lovely wife, two beautiful children and three tolerant cats. The wife and kids are tolerant too.

We’ll see you back here on Wednesday, folks.


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