Why so Angry?

***Update: Turns out I was wrong, when I thought that Birds of Prey was re-launched three times, in reality it was only twice. I had thought that the series was re-launched between Chuck Dixon and Gail Simone.

My apologies for the mistake. Please stop shoving pins in the sohmer voodoo doll.

Credit where it’s due: Lar came up with the concept for this page, and I knew it was a good one when I could practically hear him giggling through an e-mail.

It’s always seemed to me that Birds of Prey was one of those series that DC was constantly re-launching and hoping it would find an audience. Yet, each time the series was rather the same from the previous incarnation.

You’ve got to give DC credit though, for constantly trying…the same thing…and expecting different results…?

Oh, and remember the Birds of Prey live action series on the WB/CW a few years back?

Me neither.

Today’s very angry page was done by Tyler Walpole:

Tyler Walpole is an award-winning artist with a decade of experience in both the comic book and hobby-gaming markets. His focus in recent years has been primarily on producing fantasy artwork for Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard, and the Pathfinder RPG. Lately he’s been moving into doing cover art for various comics, including runs on  Dungeons and Dragons for IDW, and Dean Koontz’s Nevermore for Dynamite Entertainment.

For those of you with a long weekend, be sure to enjoy it. For the rest of us? We’ll see you back here on Monday.


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