Free Shipping?

Before I get into the very amusing billboard that spawned today’s page, I was asked to pass on a very special message.

How special? Very.

Beginning today, and running through April 25th, there will be free shipping to the US & Canada for all orders placed in the Gutters shop. Indeed, there has never been a better time to purchase our 5-pound book.

For those outside of North America, we’re offering heavily discounted shipping.

Head on over to the store, won’t you?

If you haven’t yet become aware, the first panel in the page above is ripped from the headlines, as they say. It seemed that every news site in existence jumped on this bandwagon, to point out this very poorly placed advertisement.

As for myself, I immediately began wondering what other comic ad mishaps might happen at some point in the future.

Today’s consumer-friendly page was done by Domo Stanton:

Dominike Stanton (though his friends usually go by “Domo” for short) is a full time artist by day interested in drawing comics, storyboarding, concept art and doing illustrations for a living. At night he likes to play the drums in spite of the fact he doesn’t have a set at the moment… Domo’s most recent work can be found in the “Deadpool Family” One-Shot from Marvel, in stores now.

I assume we’ll be seeing you back here on Friday?


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