Do You Like Scary Stories?

We were recently treated to the beginning of Marvel’s big summer event, Fear Itself. While I’m not one to make wildly crazy and inaccurate predictions, I’m pretty sure that today’s page accurately describes how this series will end.

I suppose time will tell just how far off the mark I am.

Today’s wildly crazy and inaccurate prediction of page was done by Guy Allen:

Guy Allen is an illustrator/ designer working professionally in the field for over 4 years. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, Guy majored in Illustration, while simultaneously having “on the side” relationships with Industrial and Graphic Design. Guys past work can be seen in many places including print, web and too many commercials to count; from automotive to baked beans commercials , Guy has done them all and has a client list to prove it.

Enjoy the weekend, folks, and chances are you’ll see us back here on Monday.


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