To Wondercon

A reminder, folks, that we’ll be in San Francisco this weekend for Wondercon. You can find us at Booth #233 listed under Blind Ferret Entertainment.

Yes, we will have a small stock of Gutters Hardcovers books on sales.

It should also be noted that Lar, Rich and I will be reviewing portfolios all weekend should you aspire to one day do a Gutters page.

This Gutters installment came from initially checking out the new Wonder Woman costume for the new NBC pilot, which led me to spending far too much time analyzing the flaws in both DC and Marvel’s costumed heroines.

I bet if you asked any one of these ladies, this is a very real, serious and recurring threat.

Today’s spandex-caused page was done by Dev Madan:

Dev Madan is an artist and illustrator living in the greater Seattle area. His work includes stints on Gen 13, the DC Comics Encyclopedia and the infamous Wildstorm Swimsuit Special (1994). Dev also works in video games, and has tried his hand at writing, penning The Adventures of Sly Cooper in 2004.

I’m told the Sequel to Camel Toe, Moose Knuckle, is being written now. It’s a 2-part event.

We’ll see you on Friday, yes?


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