A 6$ Cup

Like any business, the comics industry is always looking for great opportunities in cross-promotion. Last week’s news of Marvel’s partnership with Starbucks didn’t come as a complete shocker. It was only a matter of time before someone realized that a bunch of 20-something tech savvy males just might be a good fit for comic books.

Though I’ve been known from time to time to purchase an 8$ can of Red Bull at the airport, I just can’t justify a 6$ coffee. Free comics or not.

Today’s foamy page was done by Jeremy Saliba:

Jeremy Saliba is a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a BFA in illustration. He’s since enjoyed working freelance in various fields such as visual development and comic book illustration, as well as going back to teach digital and traditional art classes at the Academy. Jeremy got his start in comics by working for smaller publishers in San Francisco which eventually led to working with comic creator Rick Remender on his dystopian epic Doll and Creature. Since then Jeremy has gone on to provide artwork for various comic book publishers such as Dabel Brothers Publishing and most recently Dynamite Comics. He’s also a licensed artist for The Wheel of Time fantasy book series, developing the look and feel of the worlds and characters with partner Seamas Gallagher. Currently Jeremy has signed a deal to publish a creator owned zombie western comic with writer Brian Schirmer, and is in development of another creator owned comic set in a science fiction universe. Jeremy spends time after work playing video games, watching movies and drinking the most delicious beverage ever invented; beer.

Keep in mind that we’ll be in San Francisco this weekend forWondercon.

Have a great day, folks, and we’ll see you on Wednesday.


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