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It was announced this week that Avatar Press was leaving Diamond Book Distributor to join BOOM Studios for their in-store (not direct market) graphic novel distribution.

At first glance, the partnership of these two companies seemed rather conflicting. At second glance, it just got weird. BOOM, known primarily for their all-age titles and Avatar, known for rampant sodomy.

Still, I would have liked to have been in that meeting.

While I doubt that Avatar will ever get into the children’s market (for good and valid reasons), it was amusing enough to ponder.

Today’s twig and berry page was done by Josh Mirman:

Josh Mirman is a School of Visual Arts graduate, receiving a BFA in Illustration. Since then he had a quick run at Rockstar Games until he realized he wanted to focus his energy on freelance work. His resume includes illustrator for multiple children’s books, editorial illustrator for magazines and newsletters, and even concept designer for an advertising company. Recently his time and energy has been spent on design work for places such as Level Up Studios, Fangamer, and Shark Robot, as well as telling stories online with Punks and Nerds: Quarterlife, Stubble: 10th Anniversary, and Bruceman: The Awakening Of A Superhero. On the side he is working on producing a Rock Opera based off of “The Awakening Of A Superhero,” as well as revising and editing his first novel. In his free time, whenever that might be, Josh attends book clubs, plays poker, and tries to raise his alcohol tolerance level at local pubs and comedy clubs.?

Have a great weekend, folks, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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