Showing Up

Two points of interest regarding Gutters Volume 1.

Item the first; any retailers out there who wish to order the book for their store at Wholesale prices, please get in touch with Randy.

Item the second; yeah, there was only that first point but by the time I wrote this, I felt I’d already come too far to go back.

When the first Batwoman preview came out (I believe it was the summer of ’69), I actually found myself interested in the title. It had an air about it that promised something different, which in the Bat-family of titles, is something impressive in its own right.

And now? These decades later?

Whatever hype the title had going for it is long past, with the title seemingly delayed and re-solicited beyond reason. An important part of creating comics, an important part of any aspect of your life, is quite simply ‘showing up’.

There’s only so long we’re going to stick around and hope she shows up.

Today’s Bat-Lady page was done by Chase Conley:

Since I was a child, I would draw to pass the time. When I wasn’t outside with friends I was drawing. In about third grade I discovered comics. I was hooked from that point on. I went to the middle school of the arts where I was introduced to fine art at a very young age and this became another love of mine. I loved the hands-on work we did there, and I was exposed to many different forms of art at a very early age. This helped in my growth and kept me motivated to be the best because of my competitive nature. I continued to pursue art through high school and landed a few portrait gigs during my time in school, once I realized you could make money having fun, I just got focused and made sure i was as well-rounded as possible so I could take on any opportunity that presented itself. Portraits are rather boring sometimes, so comics and anime were still my escape. I love to tell stories visually, and do so to this day. I practice everyday to sharpen my storytelling abilities, as well as my traditional aesthetic in hopes that I will become as good as those that came before me.  As I’ve gotten older, I have developed a love for animation, video game character design, as well as illustration.  My goal is to be successful as possible in these fields.

We’ll see you on Friday, folks, and don’t forget about C2E2 in Chicago this weekend!


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