A Great Idea

In addition to The Boys and the Kevin Smith Green Hornet series, Dynamite has more than a few gems on its roster. However, I Dare you to go over their complete list of titles and not utter “who would license this?” at least once.

This installment of Gutters was done by Atilio Martin:

Atilio was born on June 26, 1973, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In 1992, he started his studies at the Fernando Fader Institute, Technical Design and Advertising.  The following years were spent studying under comic artist and illustrator, Alberto Saichan.  He then worked as an assistant for “Sun Studios” lending his hand with the production comics for Disney and Warner Bros.  A few years later, he started his regular work for the magazine publication “Kiss Comics” producing his first comic artist and writer credits.  Atilio has been working for companies worldwide for the past several years.  With his work appearing in many publications across South America and Europe.

We’ll see you on Friday, yes?


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