Gutters Volume 1, Now Available!

It’s time, folks.

I am beyond pleased to announce that Gutters Volume 1, a hardcover book possessed of great beauty, is now available for sale:

Gutters Volume 1 is currently not available anywhere else except for our shop, and I’m told we can ship anywhere on the planet.

As previously stated, the book is 128 pages, containing 64 Gutters pages, a cover by Darick Robertson and a forward by Daniel Way. If that weren’t enough, the hardcover is also MASSIVE, oversized at approximately 14 by 12 inches.

All books will be shipped between March 15th and March 25th.

To encourage you to order sooner as opposed to later, I will gladly sign the first 1,000 copies sold.

We are all extremely  proud of this book and a great deal of people put in a ridiculous amount of hours to make sure it’s something special, something worthy of a spot in your home.

I can’t stress enough how important book sales are to Gutters, how they are 90% responsible for keeping this series alive and keeping everyone clothed and fed (the artists, mostly). We greatly appreciate your support on this.


With regards to today’s page, one is forced is to wonder if there is ever an event that the comics industry won’t try to capitalize on? Granted, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in expecting the fine upstanding employees of Bluewater to tackle this one.

Still, I’m slightly curious to flip through the graphic novel interpretation of the Kate and William love story (Prince William, of England, 2nd in line to the throne, in case you hadn’t caught on yet). I just don’t imagine dating being all that interesting to watch.

Today’s very realistic page was done by Travis Sengaus:

Travis Sengaus is a Canadian comic book artist, whose first published work was a back up story in Savage Dragon #122. He has since worked in small press books, the Adventures of Spawn web comic, and various licensing work for Marvel.  Currently he’s working on the creator owned property “Big Hitters” with Jonathan Goff (Spawn, Halo Evolutions), which will see release in 2011.

Once again, thank you all for the support you’ve given us. We’ll see you right back here on Monday, folks.


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