Gutters Volume 1

That’s not an actually misleading title, but instead signals that Gutters Volume 1 is going on sale this coming Friday, March 11th, at roughly 12 AM EST.

With a gorgeous cover by Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan) and a forward by Daniel Way (Deadpool, Wolverine), volume 1 is 128 pages in an oversized hardcover.

The book is shipping out next week.

As an added bonus, I will sign the first 1,000 copies sold as a little encouragement to order sooner as opposed to later.

I can’t stress enough how important book sales are to Gutters, how they are 90% responsible for keeping this series alive and keeping everyone clothed and fed (the artists, mostly). We greatly appreciate your support on this.

Moving on to more pressing matters, the kind folks at Wizard debuted their ‘digital magazine’…and the world was changed forever. By that, I of course mean that no one super cared.

For a magazine with a supposed finger on the pulse of pop culture, they somehow manage to lag a good decade behind the rest.

Today’s Ol’ timey page was done by Marco D’Alfonso:

Marco D’Alfonso was born sometime during the 80’s and he’s been drawing pretty much ever since.  His love of comics and art all started with an ALF comic he found in a loot bag. Since that life-altering moment he has found inspiration in animation, comics and contemporary art.  He is a freelance illustrator/designer and his work can be found in video games, toy designs, comic stuff, and various wrestling things.  He is currently hiding out in Toronto.

We’ll see you back here on Friday, folks, and don’t forget to come purchase a book.


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