Emerald City Comicon

This will be a short post, as we are in Seattle prepping for the show, but rest assured that I do have much to say on today’s page.

If you happen to be in Seattle, Lar, Rich and myself will be attending this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. You’ll find us at Booth #104 under Blind Ferret for the entire weekend

Today’s Boom-like page was done by Marco D’Alfonso:

Marco D’Alfonso was born sometime during the 80’s and he’s been drawing pretty much ever since.  His love of comics and art all started with an ALF comic he found in a loot bag. Since that life-altering moment he has found inspiration in animation, comics and contemporary art.  He is a freelance illustrator/designer and his work can be found in video games, toy designs, comic stuff, and various wrestling things.  He is currently hiding out in Toronto.

We hope to see you in Seattle, folks. For the rest of you, we’ll see you on Monday.


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