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Just a reminder Lar, Rich and myself will be attending this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. You’ll find us at Booth #104 under Blind Ferret for the entire weekend.

As a generality, I am a fan of the X-Men. Though I’ve been known to bitch now and then about the various incarnations the team has taken over the years, I nonetheless do my best to keep tabs on them (The move to San Fran was, and still is, weird).

News has been surfacing lately of the team being split yet again, with half of the team going with Cyclops and the other with Wolverine. I’m surprised there isn’t a third team being led byDeadpool.

All this led me to wonder about what Xavier’s been up to of late.

I suspect my theory is 100% accurate.

Today’s Rive-Dancing page was done by Annie Wu:

Annie Wu was born in 1988. She escaped the sunny clutches of central Florida to roam the slightly more grey city of Baltimore. Annie graduated magna cum laude from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration (2010). She now spends her days drawing, writing, or agonizing over past awkward social interactions that no one else remembers.

We’ll see you back here on Friday, folks.


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