Unsung Heroes

A surprising amount of work goes into each and every comic we read, and throughout that production process there are many people whose names are not splashed on the front cover. Because of that, they often don’t get the attention or credit they deserve.

One of those unsung heroes is the noble Letterer.

When he does his job right, you barely notice he did anything at all. Each and every word, sound effect or caption box looks like the artist put it in himself when doing the layout. When the words fit that flawlessly into a page, the Letterer done good.

We’re going to do a little exercise in today’s comments, if you please. I want you to post the name of your favorite letterer, list a few of their credits and tell me why you’re fond of his or her work.

I should point out, that our own Letter master, Rus Wooton, who also letters for the Walking Dead, is my favorite letterer. And no, he did not come up with today’s page.

However, the page was penciled and inked by Matt Zolman:

Matt Zolman is the co-creator and artist of EPIC comics as well interactive/graphic designer and illustrator working professionally for over 15 years in the industry. Utilizing the digital tools and hardware he’s become accustom to, Matt creates most of his comic art digitally. He loves creating art with his wife and two kids who keep him motivated to constantly improve his skills and a love for all (well, most) art mediums.

That’s it for today, folks, but we’ll see you on Friday, yes?


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