Victor Drujiniu

Victor Drujiniu is a Romanian artist, he is 29 years old and is currently living in Timisoara city. He creates comic books for publishing houses in the USA. In other words, he is doing what he always wanted to do. He graduated “Plugor Sandor” Highschool of Arts in a small town near the mountains, Saint George, in year 2000, as head of his promotion. He continued his studies in Timisoara city, at the Faculty of Arts within the Western State University, his specializing being in Pedagogy of Arts.

In pursuing his life dream to become a well known comic book artist, Victor started out at Zenescope Entertainment, with “Tales from Wonderland: Alice”. Not long after that, the “Grimm Fairy Tales” #30 was out under his skilful pencil; and they kept flowing: “Return to Wonderland: The Mad Hatter II”, “The Waking” – 4 issues. He then decided to take the next important step in his career, by moving to Dark Horse publishing house, third in prestige line after Marvel Entertainment and DC Comics. This leap would not have been possible without the precious help of his agent, Shon C. Burry, within Space Goat Productions. At Dark Horse, he already received his first deal: “Predators – Film Adaptation”, a 64 pages title, based on the film “Predators” with worldwide premiere in July 2010.

He considers himself a lucky person, because he is fulfilling his life dream to work in the comic books industry. His goal is to draw for Marvel Entertainment or DC Comics, not necessarily in this order.

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