Steve Ellis

After a life-threatening encounter with a rogue telephone pole and a 77 Oldsmobile, Steve Ellis leapt out of Danger and into Decision. “I know, I’ll be an artist!” He exclaimed. Since that fateful day many long years ago, he has flung himself headlong into the dazzling high-class world of the Freelance Artist. His high-powered, energetic style has graced CD covers, computer games, trading cards, books, RPGs, magazines, toys and comics. Well versed in digital and traditional media, Steve’s work has enjoyed widespread success painting and illustrating in the publications of Marvel and DC Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Upper Deck and numerous other companies. His high-powered illustrations have also been seen on packages for Hotwheels’successful “Atomics” line. While acting as penciller and inker for Marvel and DC Comics’ famous properties like Lobo, Iron Man, and Green Lantern, Steve has spearheaded such new titles as Jezebelle and recently Crimson Dynamo. As a creator he has been critically successful with the original Science Fiction comic series TRANQUILITY and most recently with THE SILENCERS with writer/co-conspirator Fred Van Lente! In addition to his paintings skills, Steve’s wild imagination gets put to work doing concept designs for Hasbro, Marvel and DC Comics. Steve now lives and works in his palatial Syracuse Studio with his stunning wife Yamila, son Jacob the Magnificent, and their two lovely cats, Mona and Simon. Recently Steve has been teaching Digital Illustration and Life Drawing at Syracuse University’s well-respected illustration program

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