Steve Becker

Steve Becker is an Aquarius who enjoys long walks in the crisp fall air at sunset, but enough of all that noise. Steve is just an average joe, a would-be hack illustrator by trade with a fancy shmancy piece of paper in a frame from PCA&D to not disprove it. In the past Steve has worked with White Wolf for the 6th edition of Gamma World, inked Tim Truman’s pencils on a Grimjack miniseries for IDW, and worked a freelance gig with Rockstar Games NYC on the Grand Theft Auto IV add on “The Ballad of Gay Tony”. Most recently Steve has contributed two stories and the back cover art as well as designed the zombie shooting target line of merchandise for Jeff McComsey’s World War 2 zombie comic anthology FUBAR. Steve is also lead background designer on the Atomic Robo: Last Stop animated film currently in production with The Fictory.

Gutters Portfolio:

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