Salgood Sam

Salgood Sam was born Max Douglas. He started making comics in high school was first published at the tail end of the B&W boom in the late 80s, worked for a few years in the 90s at Marvel, and has moved between independent and superhero comics for more than 20 years now. He also founded Sequential, a comics blog dedicated to spotlighting Canadian talent. His last Graphic Novel was Therefore Repent! with Jim Monroe, a post apocalyptic minor bestseller about after the rapture. You can find his work in Ghostbusters: Tainted Love. The award winning Comic Book Tattoo & Popgun 4. Awesome 2: Awesomer, and the slipcase edition of Sea of Red. His next book will be Dream Life: a late coming of age, and he recently started self publishing a quarterly comics series called Revolver as a home for his future works. Including Dracula Son of the Dragon with collaborator Mark Sable, for which they just completed a successful kickstarter to fund production, and pay for backers exclusive collected editions.

Gutters Portfolio:

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