Rantz Hoseley

Rantz Hoseley is a caffeine-swilling, profanity-spewing force of dark comic matter who’s been kicking around the comic industry since 1987. Having worked on everything from Phil Foglio’s “XXXenophile” to the OGN adaptation of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” he was nominated in 2009 for the British Fantasy Award (which he didn’t win) The Eisner Award (which he did win), and the Harvey Award (also a win) for “Comic Book Tattoo.” Rantz stays busy these days with “some TV stuff in development”, a “new technology company” & a number of other projects he can’t talk about yet. In 2012 he finished his first novel “The Homecoming Game”, which is in the Long Dark Twilight of the Editing.

Gutters Portfolio:

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