Matt Wright

Unshaven Comics is a small independent publishing team in the beautiful ‘burbs of Chicago. Best friends for life, Matt Wright (lead artist and goateed beer-drinker), Marc Alan Fishman (digital artist, writer, and bearded ne’er-do-well), and Kyle Gnepper (writer, and forever stubbly salesman extraordinaire) formed the company in 2006. They published “The March: Crossing Bridges in America” with Mendoza Publishing. In 2009, the boys released their first independent project, Disposable Razors, which has just recently wrapped up. Currently, they are growing out their winter beards in preparation of the release of their first original graphic novel… “The Samurnauts: Curse of the Dreadnuts”. And because you need to know… that’s astronaut-samurai, led by a kung-fu fighting monkey master, facing off against zombie-cyborg-space-pirates. Yeah, they think that’s awesome too.

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