Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson wants you to believe he is simply a human that makes his
living drawing funny books. Indeed, it is the front he puts up for the
world to see but let us look at the facts. His name is Mark A
Robinson, the first 3 letters of which spell out most of the planet
named MARS. His blogspot,
eludes to the fact that he may well be “alien technology”. His artwork
has been known to make readers’ jaws hang open as though unhinged
because of his ability to make two dimensional renderings of people
appear as though they’re moving on the page, a skill rarely mastered
by even the greatest of homosapien artists. Finally, he has publicly
stated that there should be “More Laser Beams”, though to whom he
speaks and why can only be guessed at.
He may want you to believe that he’s just a comic book artist from
Philly but until its finally proven to be truth I will remain

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