Jean Diaz

I spent most of my childhood in several cities and states, like Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais and Bahia, and since I was young I already had great interest in the comics’ field, mostly super-heroes.
In my family there was never an artist, and then I came, singing, playing and drawing. After some fights and a DNA test, they believed that I was really part of the family, and that there was no way of stopping me. My interest in comics came from since when I began to understand what happened when you put a drawing next to another in sequence. When I saw a fantastic world materializing in a sheet of paper. That must have been when I was 6 or 7.

The guys at Impacto (Klebs, Manny and a former teacher there, Fabio Laguna), have always supported me. In comics, without a doubt the one that influences me the most nowadays is Brian Hitch, I love his work, even though I know that the type of art he does and the 30 day deadline don’t mix very well. But besides him, some guys like Kevin Nowlan, Alan Davis, Adam Huges, Joe Quesada, Mignola, Alex Raymond, and Travis Charest also have a par in what I do. So many influences sometimes make it hard to create a single style, so I do what I believe gives consistency to the pages.

Past Works:
Wonder Woman # 5 (DC Comics)
24: Nightfall # 1 -6 (IDW)
The Shield : Spotlight#1-#5 (IDW)
Ward 1- 3 (Image)
Highlander covers – Dynamite Entertainment

Gutters Portfolio:

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