Hector Collazo

Hector Collazo is an alumni of the High School of Art & Design in New York City, which landed him his first comic’s related job as an intern in the 80’s. This led to a long career at Marvel Comics in their Art Department and in Editorial, where he worked for many years before pursuing freelance work full-time. During his two and a half decades long career, his work has been seen at Marvel, DC, various independent comic book companies and dozens of advertising campaigns. He is not only a phenomenal penciler, but a recognized Inker. You can find his work on milestone issues of “The Avengers,” “Iron Man,” “X-Men,” “The New Mutants,” “Spiderman,” “Spiderman 2099,” “Wolverine,” “The Punisher,” “Batman,” “Wonder Woman,” “JLA,” and much more.

In 2012, he will be featured as the Artist and co-Creator of “Crime-Buster Inc.” A creator owned project for Excel Comics, a brand new Publisher launching in 2012.

Gutters Portfolio:

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