Fabio Redivo

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Fabio Redivo developed an interest in comic book art and drawing from a young age. This interest is what drove him to take classes in basic drawing, and later in life, pursue a degree from the University of Fine Arts of São Paulo in Graphic Design. Shortly after earning his degree, Fabio moved to America to further develop his skills at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

Subsequent to his graduation from the Kubert School in 2003, the comic book publisher, A Wave Blue World Inc., hired Fabio as a graphic designer and comic artist. His work can be found in their graphic novel, Adrenaline, and in soon to be released, American Terrorist. Through A Wave Blue World, he was invited to work at a Joe Kubert studio, Tell-a-graphics, where he was involved in Joe Kubert projects and PS Magazine for the army and at Archie Comics as an inker.

Currently, Fabio is contracted to the Kubert School as an instructor. In addition to his jobs through A Wave Blue World, he is an active contributor to Punchline, a humor magazine. In his spare time, Fabio experiments with giant, man-eating bugs in his comic creation, The Wagga Squad.

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