Dave Wheeler

Dave Wheeler was born in Minneapolis, MN in the winter of 1987. A born comic enthusiast, Dave spent much of his child hood with his head in the clouds and his nose in his books. His formal education started in Savannah, Georgia as a freshman at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Four years and many a sleepless night later he graduated in the Spring of 2009 with honors.While toiling away at SCAD he started MIND WAVE COMICS with his buddy Samir Barrett in 2009 with the idea to bring comics back in to the light. Enough with the doom and gloom Dave wanted to bring back the rad versus the bad. A comic artist at heart, Dave has found his calling in the graphic design world as well. Helping people brand themselves in innovative and exciting ways with his logos and websites. He currently lives in the Twin Cities with his girlfriend Mai and their two dogs, Bupie and Sprocket.

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