Chase Conley

Since I was a child, I would draw to pass the time. When I wasnít outside with friends I was drawing. In about third grade I discovered comics. I was hooked from that point on. I went to the middle school of the arts where I was introduced to fine art at a very young age and this became another love of mine. I loved the hands-on work we did there, and I was exposed to many different forms of art at a very early age. This helped in my growth and kept me motivated to be the best because of my competitive nature. I continued to pursue art through high school and landed a few portrait gigs during my time in school, once I realized you could make money having fun, I just got focused and made sure i was as well-rounded as possible so I could take on any opportunity that presented itself. Portraits are rather boring sometimes, so comics and anime were still my escape. I love to tell stories visually, and do so to this day. I practice everyday to sharpen my storytelling abilities, as well as my traditional aesthetic in hopes that I will become as good as those that came before me. As I’ve gotten older, I have developed a love for animation, video game character design, as well as illustration. My goal is to be successful as possible in these fields.

Gutters Portfolio:

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