Brendon and Brian Fraim

Brendon and Brian Fraim have worked on the first series of THE WAITING PLACE from Slave Labor Graphics as well as KNIGHTS OF THE DINNERTABLE Magazine, the spin-off comicbook KODT: ILLUSTRATED for 38 issues and hundreds of illustrations for Kenzer’s HACKMASTER Role-Playing game. Another RPG company they work for is Hero Games and their CHAMPIONS RPG systems. They illustrated the Harvey Award nominated ANTIQUES: The Comic Strip and drew the comic book sections in the Random House novel, WOLFBOY. They drew THE ODD SQUAD published by Devil’s Due, drew the three issue series VAMPIRE, PA from Moonstone and the cover to the 2010 Free Comic Book Day OVERSTREET comic from Gemstone. They are currently working on their web comic AMERICA JR. about a small town that discovers in its town charter that they joined the USA on a temporary basis, and now have to become their own country. For those who are curious, the Fraims are identical twins and Brendon is the penciler and Brian is the inker. If you want to know which twin is the evil twin, the answer is simple: They’re both evil.

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