Benito Gallego

Benito Gallego was born in Madrid, Spain where he attended the Faculty of Fine Arts. He graduated in Design and Illustration and has been working in Advertising and Graphic Design while developing a parallel career in the Comics field. He lives now in Alicante, in the East coast of Spain, with his wife and daughter. He has been a long-time collaborator artist for SWORD, a Spanish Sword & Sorcery fanzine-turned-commercial publication contributing with cover illustrations, comics and pin-ups based upon the characters and concepts created by Robert E. Howard. He has also worked as the regular artist for ANTHEM and CAPTAIN THUNDER & BLUE BOLT, both series created by writer Roy Thomas and published by “Heroic Publishing”. Benito is a collaborator with independant publisher “A First Salvo” and has contributed with black and white and color stories along with layout art. He has also worked with writer Brian Azzarello in THE COWL a comic based on characters and events from VANISHED a novel by best-seller author Joseph Finder. Benito is currently working in APAMA THE UNDISCOVERED ANIMAL, a comic series based in concepts and characters from the movie HERO TOMORROW. His latest works include the character FLASH for DC where he has teamed up with writer Cary Bates and inker Sal Buscema. And illustrating the Marvel superheroes in trading cards for “Upper Deck”. To see more of his work, visit

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